My research activity is located at the crossroads between condensed matter physics, theoretical chemistry and materials science. More precisely, I use electronic structure theory (density functional theory and N-body GW corrections) applied to carbon-based and low-dimensional materials.

During my PhD I have focused on the study of electron-phonon interaction, with emphasis on conventional superconductivity and charge density waves. During my post-doc, I have focused on optical properties (excitons) of polymers and molecules, taking also into account the effects of strong anharmonicity and nuclear quantum fluctuations.

I also work closely with experimental groups, for which I provide theoretical support for transport measurements in two-dimensional systems and vibrational and optical properties of materials.


I am happy to announce that, starting from 01 September 2022, I will be an associate professor (maître de conférences) at Paris-Saclay university!!! :D
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